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New Year's Day Doings

Had a pretty good day on this 1st of January so far.

This morning, I had a wonderful breakfast of croissant and café au lait that left me feeling quite happy and pleased with myself.

Sat down, and did a bit of writing of some blog entries here, as well as a new piece of hard science fiction that I've been feeling like writing for the past week. I managed to write about 2,600 words of the piece, and am quite happy with what I've jotted down.

Over a lunch of some roasted chicken in a salad with oil and vinegar and some spices, I went over the new Pandemic board game that I purchased on Friday, broke up the counters that needed to be, and generally enjoyed myself with what appears to be a very solid little game.

I made a few calls to rustle up some gamers, but the only one available to come and play this afternoon was spross, so afer lunch, I cleared some of the dishes away, and then he arrived and we played some three games of 2-player Pandemic. The game is a real delight to play, with simple rules and mechanics, and a minor amount of strategy required to get into the game. The first game we lost, as we ran out of Player Cards, but got a good grasp of the game. Nothing really went against us, but it was difficult to see certain strategies at first. The second game we lost as well, losing literally by one turn as we ran out of Player Cards again. Got hit in that game with a couple of severe Epidemics that caused Outbreaks in large chunks of the board, and couldn't get the cure for the diseases in question as we needed to take out the disease cubes in several places to prevent an even worse outbreak. The third game was the one where we won the game, even if it was by the skin of the teeth, when he and I managed to get the win with one Player Card left in the deck, but in that game the Outbreak counter hit 6. It was very close, but it was neat to play the game.

The game has left me wondering about whether or not it would be enjoyable to play Pandemic too often, as it seems that it might get predictable or always play the same after a while, but I suspect that may be moderated somewhat in the expansion set, which allows for several variants of the game. What I really liked about Pandemic was the fact that it was a cooperative game, rather than one where one constantly competes against other players, and where the players have the same basic goal. It'll make an excellent game to play with my goddaughter, Ellie, and her folks.

This evening, I plan to make a simple of supper of pasta of some sort with a side salad. There's the Senators-Maple Leafs hockey game on tonight, and then perhaps I'll watch another episode of Primeval, since I have to wait over two weeks to see the new material.

A good New Year's Day, if I do say so myself. :)
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