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Work and Books

Back at work for the first time in the New Year this morning.

It's almost surreal, after the end to yesterday that I had. Needless to say, I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked or needed last night, but I seem relatively able to function this morning, and the work here at the office is keeping my mind occupied. So work is a good thing today.

On other subjects, I finished reading Heat Wave by "Richard Castle" last night. The book is based on the Castle tv series, and was a pretty good read, but I do have two gripes about the book. I have no idea what the font used for the book's text was, but it was either small enough or awkward enough to give me a headache when I read the book. On top of that, the book was very difficult to read because the text actually went into the spine of the book in the middle, and so my hands now ache from having to pull the book open constantly to actually read the book. So, good book, but not comfortable or easy for me to read. I've already sent an e-mail off to the folks at Hyperion Books, the publishers of the book, about the problems I've had reading it, so we'll see if I get any feedback about it.

I would also like to thanks the folks who commented on my post of yesterday about the health issues. I'm really grateful to you all for your kind words and thoughts, and believe me when I say that it's eased my mind about matters somewhat. Thanks, again, my friends.

Meanwhile, back to work.
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