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Work Done, Time to Play

Finished work for the day, and had a pretty productive day.

It's still snowing every so often here, and dumping amounts of snow that are definitely not "light flurries", but I heard from Nick in the Friday night gaming group, and he told me that the gang is coming out here tonight to play, as Jeep trucks with 4x4 really can travel pretty much everywhere. :) So gaming is on.

Rather than start the Desolation game that I was planning to run tonight, I'll be doing a playtest with the Friday nighters of one of three brand new Mutant City Blues scenarios that the good folks at Pelgrane Press have consented to my checking out. Won't be able to talk too much about this, of course, but I'm looking forward to this as the scenarios have been designed by mytholder, so should be very interesting.
Tags: desolation, friday gaming group, mutant city blues, personal, playtest, rpg

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