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Groceries, Cars, and Snow/Ice Don't Mix Well

Despite the damage done to my body (see the last entry), I managed to get out of the house, and went out to do a bit of grocery shopping. Greens are an important part of my life, and I can't manage without some green veggies pretty much every day.

What was really annoying about this grocery shopping trip was the driving. I managed to do fine with my Chrysler Sebring, in due course thanks to the snow tires on the car. But there are people out there who make very bad driving decisions, primary among them not clearing their car off completely of snow, notably on the roof of the vehicle, and the area around the rear view mirrors. Then there are the folks who don't break early enough on slippery, icy roads that have been coated with a fresh layer of snow, and go careening all over the place, and...

Anyway, you folks get the picture, right? :)

Thank Goddess I'm back home, high and dry, and am resting my body again. Oh, the grocery shopping went well, as there weren't a lot of people in the two stores that I went into.

Off to read a book for a bit.
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