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100 Greatest Moments in Time Travel

The UGO website is featuring an interesting one at the moment:

The 100 Greatest Moments in Time Travel

For me, there are a few moments that didn't make the list, notably nothing from Primeval, especially that first moment when Nick Cutter stepped through an anomaly. And where are some of the classic moments of time travel from the very early Doctor Who and all?

However, I liked the fact that The Time Traveller's Wife made the list at number 91, Urkel did the time travel thing at number 89, the Futurama gang made it back to Roswell at number 78, the whole "Babylon Squared" business on Babylon 5 made it to number 72 (but should have been higher on the scale in my opinion), and that Christopher Reeve wills himself back in time to see Jane Seymour in Somewhere in Time made it to number 28.

Ah, well, just gotta remember these lists are...subjective.
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