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Rainy, Cold Day

Today is one of those days where you think, "Do I really have to get out of bed and go to work?" Unfortunately, I did. :(

It is raining, it is rather cold (only about 110C (51.80F, but feels much colder), and my bones hurt somewhat. There is a strong wind whipping around (I think the weather folks said about 30 mph winds, but I could be wrong), and that just whips the water around and makes it feel even colder. This is the sort of day that one would like to spend sitting on the sofa, with a nice soft blanket, a hot cup of Chai tea, and reading a good book. Naturally, I had to go to work.

Sitting here in the office, drinking a nice mug of Chai tea, I feel somewhat better. However, my bones still ache a bit. Oh, well, at least I'm warmer. Until I have to go home, at any rate...

What the heck happened to the late Spring and early Summer weather we were having? Seasonal temperatures, relatively dry, and lots of sun? Bring it back, please! :)
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