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Back From the Doctor

Just returned from the doctor's office, and am breathing with great relief and the stress levels have dropped somewhat.

The results of my PSA test came back, and I've dropped by almost 3.5 points, back into the relatively safe "normal" range. The doctor told me that there's no reason these things happen that they know of, but they do (happen, that is). However, since we know that I have an enlarged one, he has referred me to the Prostate Clinic here in Ottawa, and they'll get in touch with me about an appointment and all that good stuff.

The x-ray results on my shoulder came through, and there's nothing physically wrong with the shoulder. The pain persists, however, so he talked to me about viable solutions and all that.

In the meantime, my relief is shocking, and I find myself actually breathing and even laughing at stuff right now. In the meantime, upstairs for a nice half-bagel with some cheese, a bit of celery, and a cup of tea.
Tags: health, personal, psa test, psa test results, relieved, stress

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