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A Day in the Life...

It has been that kind of day.

Work was pretty much all right, but I got a terrible headache from some of the graphics that were attached to the program we were working with, and then the system collapsed, we lost half the data, and now the boys from tech are pulling an all-nighter to retrieve said data. *sigh*

Got home, and there was a phone call for me from the Cancer Assessment Clinic at the Ottawa General. I called back, and found out that they want to see me next week, 10:00 am a week Thursday (that's the 27th, which is interesting 'cause the apppointment that I had with Dr. Blake that day got cancelled since I had seen him earlier this week). Fortuitious. Need to get another PSA test before I go there, and need to get it done at the hospital, so that's another joy to look forward to, especially since I need to get the regular diabetes blood tests two weeks later. *double sigh*

In good news, I heard today about the mystery scenario that I want to run at CanGames this year (which I mentioned in the comments of knightbane's journal), and should be hearing back on or by Friday so that I can submit it for this year's games at the convention. I really hope everyone is jazzed about this when I make the announcement of what the game is! :)

spross dropped by with some stuff for me, and he helped me hammer out in my head which two scenarios of Desolation I'm going to run at CanGames. So that was good.

My day came crashing back to reality at 5:20 pm, when my mom came into my place, and announced that she had smashed up the car. She hit someone from behind, their car not being damaged at all (supposedly, since I haven't seen their car), and when they couldn't start mom's car, the gentleman in the other car drove her to my place. They didn't call the police, an oversight that has since been rectified), and I drove mom back to where the car was, so she could retrieve her stuff out of it. I managed to start her car, but the brakes weren't working too good, but even so, I managed to drive her to Mazda, and then went back to where my car was parked (since she can't drive my car), and then went back to Mazda to pick her up. Mom is pretty frazzled, of course, so I've come home to the house to grab up some food, and am taking off to her place now to make dinner for her and myself, and keep her company for a bit. No idea what's going to happen with her car now.

Anyway, time for me to depart for the moment. And I'm getting somewhat peckish.

There you go, folks, just another day in the life...
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