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So Far This Weekend...

Just a quick update on the weekend so far.

Friday night's game of Mutant City Blues went very well, and the players had an enjoyable time with the playtest of the scenario. I can't really talk about the adventure, as I'm sworn to silence by the NDA of course, but so far both playtests (they playtested a different scenario last week) have gone remarkably well. A credit to the writer, mytholder, methinks. Angela, the relatively new player to the Friday night group, told me after the game that she really likes MCB, as while she's not a super-hero comics fan, she rather likes the interesting kinds of mysteries that one can tell with the Mutant City backdrop and the powers that complicate the solving of crimes. She also likes the way the characters are created, and the manner in which the number of (active) players in the group determines some of the point spreads for the abilities. To me, that's one of the real strengths of the game.

So far this weekend, the weather has been the story. Snow. Lots and lots of snow. I've not been out of the house because of other concerns (see below), but I've got plenty of food in the house, and have more than enough stuff going on to entertain myself. The car will need to be unburied of the snow it's covered in sometime today or tomorrow (before work, obviously), but for now it can remain in the snow.

In the meantime, I see to have come down with some sort of abdominal bug or some such. I've been plagued with pretty steady at times abdominal pain from just below the stomach down to the nether regions, and have pretty much taken to living in the bathroom at times. Not pleasant. Hope this passes (no pun intended!) soon.
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