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Off to CanGames

The Victoria Day weekend starts today. And that means... CanGames 2007 begins today, with registration starting at noon, so I'm pretty much going to be off the computer and all for the rest of the weekend (unless I have something really neat to share, of course!).

I'm scheduled to do two runnings of Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) as noted elsewhere in earlier journal entries, and am rather looking forward to this. HEX demos are always fascinating, from what I've experienced in the past, and the Pulp adventure feel of the game and the simplicity of the game mechanics lend a lot to the feel of the game and all. I may, depending on how things shape up, run a third HEX game on Saturday, one that will be more of an introduction to the game and its world and mechanics, but that will depend on how I feel about stuff.

There are a couple of games that I would love to play in during the convention, but we'll see if there's any slots available in those games and given the diabetes and all, my health comes first at this point. In some ways, gaming is a close second, but there are other considerations this long weekend (that I'll not go into here), so we'll see.

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend, and I hope to see some of you at the convention. :)
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