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Fatigue and Nerves

Home from work after a very long day. Well, it seemed long at any rate.

Part of my fatigue at the moment stems from the sheer cold weather outside. The temperature here is about -130 C (around 80 F, but the windchill is making it a lot closer to -230 C (around -100 F. Despite eating hot soup and some tea during the day, I've not been able to feel warm most of the day, and that always tends to make me fatigued as I keep trying to put on warm clothes and the like.

The rest of the fatigue stems from the fact that I've just not been sleeping all that well the last couple of days. Obviously there's a lot of stuff on my mind, and I know that I'm concerned about seeing both the eye doctor and the urologists next week, but I only find myself able to relax (or whatever the word is I'm looking for) for very small amounts of time. Something seems to make me...jittery.

Anyway, time for another cup of hot chai tea. :)
Tags: cold, health, personal, relax, sleep, weather, winter

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