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The Weekend So Far...

Had a very good game of Mutant City Blues on Friday night, playtesting out the last of the three scenarios that I've mentioned in a couple of other blog entries. Can't talk about the scenarios at all, but have to say that one of the things that I've really enjoyed with Mutant City Blues is the GUMSHOE game system, and the set of mechanics that make investigative and mystery scenarios and adventures really easy to handle, both from the GM point of view, and from the perspective of the players. It's a set of game mechanics that I fully intend to insert into other roleplaying games when the mystery style of scenario or game suits.

Saturday was spent frantically looking for the missing game material that I needed to find for the Desolation post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg, specifically the game campaign map and notes for the Sunday gaming group. I haven't been able to find them up until now, due to the morass of paper in my den, what with some of the stuff I've been working on. Finally managed to track it down in the den, now that I've somewhat cleaned up all the papers and sorted stuff out.

I've been thinking about the science fiction roleplaying game that I want to run this year (not including the Primeval rpg, which is due out in May), and would really love to run either SkyRealms of Jorune or Blue Planet. If I were to run the latter, it would be the 2nd Edition, since 1st Edition, while beautiful, was just very...awkward to run. Part of the problem, however, is that I don't have the 2nd Edition stuff, as I sold that all off about two years ago, and don't really want to spend too much money on it in order to re-acquire it. May have to convince the Sunday gamers to play Jorune again...

I also have this desire to run The Laundry RPG, based on the works of Charles Stross, which I'm currently reading, but I'm not convinced that I can do the game justice. Still, the game has definitely been an entertaining read.

The rest of Saturday had assorted bumps and some good moments associated with it, and I managed to do some more work on the Primeval roleplaying game scenario that I'm working on.

Today, Sunday, saw me get up after having very little sleep (or so it seemed), as my subconscious is plaguing me with all sorts of dreams about my health and running games at conventions. I hate my subconscious at times, I really do. In the meantime, I need to gear up to run the Desolation game this afternoon on the Sunday group. This is the first time they've gamed in 2011, and the campaign will present some interesting difficulties, now that spross has to bring in yet another character for the game, after his previous character died (as per this journal entry). Should be an interesting afternoon, in a lot of ways, and hopefully enjoyable.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that GenCon Indy 2011 membership registration opens today, too? *sigh*
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