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Back From Hospital I

Just got back from the hospital.

The PSA and urine tests were done for my appointment with the urologist on Thursday, but my arm is very sore, and the point of blood withdrawl is already starting to spread somewhat. Nuts. :(

The eye exam went fine, and I have a relatively clean bill of health. There is no sign of retinopathy in my eyes, but my vision has degraded by about 1%. Nothing to be concerned about, and no change in glasses is necessary.

In the meantime, because of the pressure test, and the eye drops and all, I'm pretty much blurry visioned for the next six or so hours. Just glad I didn't feel the test to take a sample of eye fluid to check some other aspects, presumably related to the diabetes.

Oh, the drive to and from the hospital wasn't all that bad, other than the snow, but the weather has warmed up nicely, and the return trip was marred only by my blurry vision and all.

And so it's on to other things.
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