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CanGames General Report

As promised, here is the review of my weekend at CanGames. This may stretch to two journal entries, but we'll see...just be warned, this one is long.

CanGames is the local Ottawa gaming convention here in the city that takes places pretty much every Victoria Day weekend. The convention is held these days at the Rideau Curling Club, a marvellous venue that has good facilities, is centrally located, and within easy access of hotels and restaurants.

As per usual, CanGames this year had about 1/5 of its space devoted to roleplaying games, and the rest of the convention was devoted to board games and miniature gaming. The Marketplace was pretty small, having the usual number of dealers and all, and the convention ran very smoothly for the most part. A good 600 people attended the convention over the three days, and there was a relatively good choice of games and the like.

I was kept relatively busy during the weekend running the Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) rpg scenario, "The Secret of Lake Qechacua", running two sessions of that, and an Introductory scenario for the system called "Into the Hollow Earth" on the Saturday afternoon when a slot opened up for me when one of the scheduled rpgs was cancelled. I had a full complement of players for the three games, and actually had to turn folks away at the table for each event.

In the meantime, I got to play in a pick-up game of Ticket to Ride: Europe, wonderful board game from Days of Wonder, watched a game of the other Pulp rpg, Spirit of the Century, and caught a couple of other games as well. The one game that I really wanted to see was the two DragonQuest RPG games run in French, but they were in the same time slots that I was running so had to miss those. (Would have liked to chat with the fellow running them, but again no time.) The Marketplace was small as I said, and I managed to buy some plastic miniatures for my DragonQuest game, so that was good, and I sold a few games off as well.

Being diabetic presented a food challenge at the convention, and I didn't do so well with this on Friday at all, but Saturday and Sunday went smoothly. I drank a lot of water, forgot to eat snacks a couple of times (thanks go to spross for reminding me to eat twice), and didn't get carried away with junk food. The Rideau Curling Club kitchen staff were very cooperative with me food-wise, and that helped tremendously.

Overall, it was a wonderful gaming convention and I was able to pace myself better than in previous years - didn't really have a choice with the diabetes, did I? - and look forward to going back again next year.

The reports on the running of the games that I did at the convention will follow. :)

And yes, for those interested, I will be running HEX again next year! :)
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