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Morning, All

Lots of snow upon waking up this morning, and thus I decided to stay in bed a bit later this a.m., and just relax. The minor veggie shopping that I need to do today can wait until later, especially in lieu of the fact that I have walked and driven the car way too much this week, and my driving foot hurts somewhat fierce. Besides, if I have to clean the car of snow again today, I would rather do it just once at the most.

Last night's game session of Desolation with the Friday gaming group was really good, and the Friday night gang was pleased to get back to their campaign game. I will definitely blog about the game session at some point, as soon as I transcribe the session notes, but that will have to wait 'til either tomorrow or Monday, as there's just so much I have to do at the moment, and so few hours in the day.
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