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Start of the Work Week

This weekend was a relatively quiet, non-stressful affair. For which I'm grateful.

Sunday's gaming session of Desolation was quite interesting, even if it did have a glitch in which spross didn't really have a good grasp on his character's background and personality, but this isn't unusual for him when playing a new character. The session went pretty well otherwise, and the spross's character has been integrated into the community of Keveli. I'll be posting the game session notes to the blog here some time later in the week.

Spent the rest of Sunday puttering around the house, doing odds and ends, and watched the Screen Actors Guild Awards on the boob tube. There were some interesting results and surprises, but nothing else really of interest to do, and I just wanted to get away from gaming and decompress for a bit. Accomplished that.

Meanwhile, work this Monday a.m. is calm, and there's not a lot of paperwork on my desk to start the week. This is good. Another relatively cold day here in Ottawa, somewhat crisp and clean, but I can do without the seriously cold weather.
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