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A New Month

February 1st. A new month.

New months are always good, since they allow you to remember all the good stuff that happened and forget all the bad stuff that happened in the previous month. And other than a few good moments, I would argue that my January was not a great month, per se. However, I'm choosing to focus on the good stuff from last month.

The best part of the month for me was the return of the Primeval tv series to television, after an 18-month hiatus. Sure, we didn't start to see it here in Canada until after the U.S. and Britain got to see it (we're getting the third episode of Series 4 tonight here), but at least we're getting to see it finally, and so far it's been pretty entertaining, if a bit disconcerting with all the new characters and stuff. Add to that the announcement of and the pre-ordering commenced on the Primeval RPG from Cubicle 7, and the month was enhanced by that.

While there were a few deaths in the entertainment industry, there was also some fascinating news in the world of paleontology, among other things, but that was marred by some of the sadder news, including the business that is currently going on in Egypt.

On the roleplaying front, I got in the first month of playing rpgs for the new year, running some playtests of the Mutant City Blues roleplaying game of super-heroes meets C.S.I. using the GUMSHOE system, and got back into the Desolation rpg of post-apocalyptic fantasy with both gaming groups.

I'll cover my reading for the month in a separate post later, but suffice to say I was surprised by how much reading I actually managed to get in this month, though not as much as my friend doc_mystery. :)

So, not a great month from the point of view of world news, weather (snowfall here in Ottawa), and doctor appointments galore, but pretty cool on several other fronts.
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