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The Weekend That Was

Had a relatively pleasant weekend.

Spent Friday night gaming with the Friday night group, as they continued their Desolation game. (Yes, I know, I'm now two weeks behind in posting the journal entries for the game. They'll be posted up here this week, promise.) The gang had a decent time of it, and are really enjoying the game right now, and having a blast with their characters. Oh, and the plot's pretty good, too. :)

Saturday was spross's birthday, but he spent most of the day working. I spent a pretty relaxing morning, catching up on some work that I needed to do for gaming stuff, and actually managed to finish the first draft of a new Primeval RPG scenario that I've been writing.

spross dropped by after work, and helped me dig out my gaming stuff for SkyRealms of Jorune, as I've decided that this will be my science fiction rpg to run. Part of my reasoning on this was that the only other game I considered to run for the sf side of things at the moment is Blue Planet, but I don't want to have to spend a heck of a lot of money on the 2nd Edition rulebooks and supplements and all. Besides, I've always liked SoJ and all, and I've run it at CanGames before, too, so... :) I also gave Steve his birthday card, but I will let him tell you more about that, since I promised not to talk about the card at all. :)

After that, he needed to take care of something for his dad, and then we went over to Michaels, the arts and crafts supply store, where I picked up some dinosaur replicas made by the folks at Safari Ltd.. I picked up a T-Rex, two t-rex kids, a Stegosaurus, a Spinosaurus, and a Brachiosaur. They didn't have a lot of selection, but I'll find other stuff that I'm looking for elsewhere. Steve dropped me off at the house, and then I hopped in the car and went over to pick up my mother and take her to do some grocery shopping.

I spent the evening relatively peacefully enough, as my goddaughter was dropped off by her parents for an overnight, as Kathy and SteveB needed a bit of time on their own. Ellie was good as gold, as we did a bit of reading, watching some Primeval, and she took my dinosaurs and set up a diorama of sorts. (Sadly, I couldn't take a photo of it.)

Sunday morning, Ellie and I got up and had a croissant breakfast, and then I got her ready for Kathy to pick her up before I got down to gaming with the Sunday afternoon group. We spent about half an hour reading, as I gave her a copy of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien recently, and she considers it one of her "prized, favvy possessions".

After Ellie left, I got around to making some soup and a tuna sandwich for lunch, and then got down to gaming with the Sunday gaming group. spross and Tammy are playing in the Desolation game as well, and the session went pretty well. Had an excellent time with the game, and they both enjoyed themselves tremendously. spross brought some of his birthday cake with him, but I didn't have any since I need to go for blood tests this week prior to my appointment at the Diabetes Clinic on the 16th, so I cut a very petite slice of cake for myself and put it in the refrigerator.

Spent Sunday night relaxing, watching a Doctor Who DVD, "Meglos", and then doing a bit of reading of some historical stuff that I'm reading out of pure interest at the moment. I don't know what my fascination with all things Easter Island is, but I'm rather enjoying the current volume that I'm engrossed in, The Navel of the Earth: Easter Island by Jennifer Vanderbes. Fascinating reading, so far. I managed to crawl into bed around 11:00 pm, although I had planned to sleep earlier than that, but such are the plans of mice and men. :)

Didn't sleep all that well last night, as I woke up around 4:30 am covered in sweat, heart thumping away, throat dry, and with the feeling that I just had a dream that I didn't want to remember. Now, I'm at work and having a decent day of it, even though I am somewhat bleary-eyed. Ah, well, such is life.
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