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Blood Tests, Plenty of Blood Tests

Home from the hospital.

I had to go to the hospital to get my three-month diabetes blood tests, so that was expected.

However, yesterday, the doctor called to say that he had set up an appointment for this morning with a doctor at the hospital, specializing in liver stuff. There were some anomalies with my previous two blood tests in terms of liver enzymes that he wanted to have checked, and so set up the appointment. So this morning I had two sets of blood tests done, separated by about two hours, and am feeling somewhat tired.

After leaving the hospital, I went to Denny's finally to have some breakfast, and that perked me up somewhat. Called work to say that I needed to take the day off, and have taken the day as a sick day. I'm going to go back to bed for a little bit this morning and get some rest for a bit.
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