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The Weekend From Hell

It has been a very bad weekend, with only a couple of good moments to relieve the... pain.

As noted in this journal entry, I've tweaked my back or done something to it that has given me severe pain since Thursday or so. Well, the pain in my back is still agonizing, and there's no position (sitting, standing, lying down) that's comfortable at all. Because of the layout of my house, I've not been able to sit and watch television at all, so can't even watch videos or DVDs. I can't sit up to read, and reading when you're pretty much flat on your back is impossible for the most part, so there's been no enjoyment there. Sitting at my desk here typing on the computer is sheer agony, but I've come to conclude at the moment that this is my lot in life right now, and I've just got to deal until my body heals itself.

To add to my miseries, the little **censored** who did my feet made my dry heels even worse, especially when she used alcohol on both of my entire feet, and so now I've got a spot on each heel where the skin is broken and dry extremely so. The one on my left heel has been bleeding. To put it bluntly, at the moment I'm just a mess.

The only bright spot in my weekend were the Friday and Sunday gaming groups. Both groups came over this weekend, ostensibly to "distract you from the body pain and stuff for a while", and with the aid of a few pain killers (I don't tend to take a lot of pain meds, as I'm on too many medications as it is for the diabetes), I was able to do what had to be done for gaming purposes, and got distracted for several hours both days. The two groups playtested character generation on the new Primeval roleplaying game. Had a lot of fun testing out various elements of character creation and seeing what one could do with the process. Can't really say anything else about this, other than so far, it works really well.

In the meantime, I called work and told them I need a couple of sick days. For now, back to bed.
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