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How Am I? (Why do you want to know?)

One of the things that I've noticed the last little while is that when folks greet me with the generic "How are you?", "How ya doin'?" etc. lines that we face everyday, I've gotten...peeved.

I suspect that this is because when someone asks me this, they are requiring me to respond to a question and yet they have no real interest in the answer at all. Yet I understand that their feigned interest is more automatic than it is rude. It is a social question, one that is expected of people to ask of their friends and acquaintances, the latter in more of a passing way rather than out of any real interest in the answer.

However, that said, I've started to respond to the question in more of a humourous fashion. In answer to the question, "How are you?", I respond with, "I can't answer that." When people ask me why not, perhaps fearing the worst, I respond, "Because of the Medical Privacy Act", and that gets a good laugh.

And when asked "What's up?", I don't lie about it. "My blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI (body mass index)!" This gets a good laugh, too, but it doesn't necessarily lead to any other questions about my health and all...and that's the way I prefer it these days.

In a twisted sort of way, this just goes to show that Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Most of the time.

I feel much less peeved now. :)
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