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State of Health Update

Yes, I have not posted to the journal in a little over a week. Just haven't really wanted to sit at the computer all that much the last little while. And when I have, it's to do work for my day job.

On the health front, not too much is changed. My back is feeling somewhat better, but I'm not that much better, up at around 65-70%, I would say. My feet are doing so-so, and I've been hard pressed to take care of them what with not being able to bend too much at the moment, but have managed to work on them a bit. I had another issue this week, and so managed to drive to the doctor's office yesterday afternoon, and he told me that I'm still spasming quite badly, and that I've caught something in my lungs (possibly from spending too much time lying down the last couple of weeks), so he prescribed some antibiotic for that and some muscle relaxant/pain medication stuff for my poor back.

In the meantime, I've been working on the job the best I can, have done quite a bit of reading in the last two weeks, and have watched some curling (the Scotties Tournament of Hearts is currently being television on TSN here in Canada), and a couple of other programmes.

The Friday gaming group has taken one of the last couple of weeks off, due to some health problems with two of the gamers from that group, but I have managed to sit with the Sunday gaming group and do some playtesting on the Primeval RPG. Planning to do some more of that on Sunday, and hope to have a couple of extra folks out to join us for the playtests.

My only regret at the moment is that I haven't been able to get out for a haircut, and I'm feeling a bit shaggy, but I may try to recify that if I feel better today or tomorrow. Time will tell.
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