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A Relatively Good Friday

My back is still feeling pretty crappy, but I think I'm on the mend. Yesterday, the pain was somewhat less (the muscle relaxant and pain killers the last couple of days has helped, obviously), and I woke up this morning with just minor twinges in the lower back, though when I got out of bed to go and do the morning stuff and make breakfast, the pain is still there, and the hips definitely hurt still.

Friday was a pretty good day for me in terms of the health stuff. Relatively speaking. Enough to the point where I was able to do some constructive work for the office, and where I felt well enough that I called the folks from the Friday night group to see if they wanted to game. The gang was pretty pleased to hear that I was doing better, and so we got together last night to game. Yay! :)

Continuing on from the last Friday that they met, Kathy, SteveB, Nick, and the rest came over and we got back into the Primeval RPG playtesting that I'm doing at the moment. This time around, it was testing some of the game mechanics, notably the combat stuff, and a few other things. Suffice it to say, the evening went really well, though we did stop a bit early last night due to my back starting to act up and the fact that two of my Friday night gamers still aren't up to snuff.

In the meantime, today I'll be doing a bit of work on my Primeval RPG scenario, as well as finally posting up my sitting on the computer waiting to be posted review of the sixth episode of the Fourth Series of the Primeval tv series. (Remembered to post the review of Episode 5 yesterday, finally.) There's also a few other things that I need to get to today as well, but one step at a time, so to speak.
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