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Wintery Day in Ottawa

Today was one of those days.

In health stuff, my back is still pretty bad and I'm still suffering from whatever the heck it is that I've got. Since I needed to work today, I didn't take any of the wonderful painkillers, as that would have addled my mind a bit too much, and to be honest, the pain was still pretty bad.

Meanwhile, here in Ottawa, we had a wonderful day that started with freezing rain that turned into sleet and then finally into damp, wet snow. While I'm still working from home, this didn't bother me in terms of having to go out and all that (although I didn't check the snail post at the mailboxes), but my car is buried under snow/ice/whatever that stuff is, and won't be easy to deal with because of my back. Add to that, there's some sort of leak in the eaves overhanging the front balcony which accesses the four split-level townhouses. So far, no leaks and all in the house, and the condo is supposed to check it out tomorrow. Naturally, the dripping puddle is right in front of my door, and so there is a sheet of ice there now. Fun stuff. My neighbour was kind enough to put some of the equivalent of salt that the condo provides down, but it's still pretty frozen pond-like out there.

Other than that, just a wintery late February day in Ottawa.
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