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Sunday's Playtesting Day, and Curling

Sunday was...another Sunday...

Woke up with the back still hurting somewhat, but more of a dull ache due to the pain medication, and had a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. Ran out of mushrooms, and just can't drive the car at the moment, so had to add just the onions and cheese to the eggs. Just isn't the same without mushrooms.

After showering, got ready to do some roleplaying with the Sunday gaming group. We were doing some more playtesting of the forthcoming Primeval RPG, this time game mechanics, combat, and the like. I was looking forward to the game since I had managed to get spross to set things up for my friend from about 45 minutes out of town, knightbane, to join us for the game (with a friend of his). Anyway, things didn't work out in terms of that, as noted in knightbane's journal entry, so spross and Tammy soldiered on without our out-of-town friends.

The session of playtesting and the like went fine, I guess (you'd have to ask Tammy and SteveR), as the mechanics are pretty similar to those of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG ones, with some interesting differences, and we did all sorts of samples of combat mechanics, game mechanics, and an encounter that I set up for just this purpose (which may go into a scenario that I'm thinking of for the game). That said, this was only the second time that I've run through the Primeval RPG game mechanics with players, and it showed. I didn't feel that the session went all that well, as it wasn't smooth, I kept having to look up some of the mechanics (no doubt because of the influence of the painkillers on my head), and just felt it wasn't quite "right".

Tammy and spross seemed to have a good time with it, and the sequence of play went pretty well, all things considered. I suspect if they really didn't enjoy it all that much, one or both of them will comment on this! :)

Spent the evening watching some curling - the final game of the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, in which Team Saskatchewan beat Team Canada by a score of 8-7 in a thrill-filled game - alternated with bits and pieces of the Oscars. I think I enjoyed the curling action more, other than the fact that Jennifer Jones went down to defeat.
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