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Weekend Coupling and RPGs (No Dirty Thoughts!)

Had a very enjoyable weekend. Didn't have to run a game this weekend, which was a nice break from the hectic Victoria Day weekend.

Friday night, the gaming group had agreed to a board game, and so we played a game of Power Grid, one of the better board games out there; we played a game on the North American map, and I had a good time with that. We then played a game of Mayfair's old Dragonriders of Pern boardgame, and that was quite a fun time.

Sunday, Steve was good enough to run Hollow Earth Expedition so I could have a break for the entire weekend of actually running stuff. We created the characters for the game, and that took over an hour (!!), and then Steve started the game up. I created a special effects guy for the 1930s movie industry, and Tammy created a Production Assistant assistant. I got to sit on the couch and watch Tammy play for about an hour before I finally got a chance to play. spross has to get the hang of figuring out player balance for sure, and he's got to prepare to run stuff more, since it all seemed a bit haphazard, but when I finally got to do some roleplaying, it wasn't too bad.

After Steve and Tammy left, I decided to make a simple meal, so I had some pasta and vegetables with a side of salad, and then spent the evening re-watching the first season of Coupling - not the American version of the series, but the original British series. What a wonderful romp that first season of the series is, with the zany characters Jeff Murdock (Richard Coyle) and Jane Christie (Gina Bellman), and the lovely story of Susan Walker (Sarah Alexander) and Steve Taylor (Jack Davenport) and their other odd assortment of friends. I mean, who can forget "unflushables", the "sock gap", and the "giggle loop", among other bits of Jeff's wisdom? :) (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you *really* should pick up a season or so of Coupling). Really fun stuff to watch.

Anyway, got to grab my cup of tea, and get back to work here. Heavy workload today, it seems.
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