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State of Health, Another Update

Just a quick update on the state of my health.

The pain in my back has subsided somewhat, although the pain is still there and at times, quite bad. Not taking painkillers for it these days, but there are times when I just...well, where I just wish that I didn't have to move around too much.

In the meantime, I went back to the doctor yesterday, as whatever's going on in my chest has not improved significantly. The antibiotic that he gave me on February 23rd seemed to help somewhat, but didn't do the job, so he prescribed a different, "very strong" antibotic for me yesterday. We'll see whether this helps or what.

On the gaming front, I haven't decided whether to run the game tonight for the Friday nighters or not. See how I feel later in the day during the afternoon, and will make up my mind then. For now, other stuff and a hot cup of tea awaits.
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