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Friday Night Playtest Session

I felt well enough to game with the Friday night gamers last night, in part because I've been wanting to game most of the week, and also due to their enthusiasm for it, and the fact that several of them need some stuff to distract them these days.

The players weren't feeling up to getting back to their regularly scheduled Desolation game at the moment, but there are four scenarios that I have to run a playtest of for CanGames 2011. (Here's the links in my blog to the two posts covering the Desolation scenarios and the Primeval scenarios.)

Since they've really enjoyed their experience playtesting bits and pieces of the Primeval RPG, Nick, Kathy, SteveB, and the rest of the Friday gamers decided they wanted to playtest one of the Primeval RPG adventures for the convention, so I ran them through the homemade one that I've created. The scenario is still in the draft phase, of course, so they took that into account when they played the adventure. The adventure takes place largely in the London Underground, and the players loved the eerieness and closed-in feeling of the adventure, as well as the manner in which I used the Anomaly to set up several elements of the plot. There were a few places where the plot needs a bit of modification, and a couple of the scenes need to be altered to make them work better, but overall the game went pretty well, and I was pretty happy with the adventure draft to this point.

Given the weather outside today here in Ottawa - a mix of rain and snow, turning to freezing rain and then to snow - that is supposed to continue into tomorrow, I'm not sure whether I'll be gaming tomorrow with the Sunday group, so it was good to get some gaming in last night.
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