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Sunday Gaming Cancelled

No gaming today.

Got a call from one of my Sunday players, saying that she wasn't going to come in for gaming today as the roads are quite nasty, slippery from the events of yesterday, and all covered in snow, and there's more snow and stuff on the way. Since there are only two players currently in my Sunday gaming group, I called the other player, spross, and let him know we aren't gaming, so he doesn't have to come in.

I was hoping for the gaming distraction today, since I'm feeling... I don't know ... somewhat off and all. Still got the back pain and the minor infection of some sort that just won't go away, and really wanted to take my mind off everything. That's not going to happen today, unless I figure out a way to distract myself.

Have I mentioned I hate winter? I really hate winter... :<
Tags: rpg, sunday gaming group, weather

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