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Shaggy Has Left the Building

As the subject says, Shaggy has left the building.

While I'm still pretty sick with whatever has decided to make its home in my lungs, I went to the Diabetes Clinic for my appointment that I had already postponed once. While things did not go as well as I would have liked (my a1C is back to around 8.7 again), the doctor there ordered an x-ray so I went straight back down to the first floor after setting up my next appointment, and had the x-rays of my chest taken. The cough is still pretty bad, and it's worse when I talk. So hopefully, the results of the x-rays won't be too bad.

Decided that I was getting too shaggy, and it's been itching me around the neck at the back, and so dropped by the local First Choice Haircutters, and got my hair cut finally. The nice lady who cut my hair was surprised at how long it was, taking off 2-1/2 inches of hair all around!

So, no more shaggy for me. (And that mullet that I seem to have been working on is gone.) :)

Got home and had a late lunch with an afternoon antibiotic, and took a rest. Guess it's time now to think of what to eat for supper...
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