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The Weekend So Far

Just a bit of an update on me.

First off, thanks to everyone who offered their condolences and sympathy about the death of my friend, SteveB. Can't really take the time to respond to and thank everyone personally, but many thanks.

Second, if you haven't turned your clocks an hour ahead yet, don't forget to do so. Personally, I didn't sleep all that well last night, and the fact that it's an hour later and we all lost that extra hour's sleep, isn't sitting all that right with me at the moment.

Health-wise, I seem to be finally on the mend, though I still don't know what I've had. The cough is still present, as is some of the phlegm, but my back appears to be relatively well at the moment. Not going to do any heavy lifting and tempt fate, for sure. :) And I'm going to try not to tempt fate with the cough and everything else for the foreseeable future, too. :)

Have been reading books this month once more, and have caught up with some of the Doctor Who DVDs that I purchased. On the reading front, I finally finished off Low Port edited by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, and rather enjoyed most of the stories in the anthology. Took me a while to read the book, as the stuffed head wreaked havoc on my ability to read and concentrate. I'm tempted to re-read The Hobbit by J.R.R.T. as the next book, but will see what strikes my fancy when I grab something off the TRQ bookshelves.

I finally got around to watching two Doctor Who DVDs this weekend, the Patrick Troughton story "The Dominators", and the Tom Baker story "Meglos". Both serials were totally different from each other, radically so, both in style and feel, but it was lovely to see Jacqueline Hill (she of Barbara Wright fame) again in the Tom Baker story. Still got four more DVDs from the series to watch, and more come out each month.

On the gaming front, the Friday night group is going on hiatus for a bit (for obvious reasons). However, Kathy told me that she wants to continue gaming since both she and my goddaughter enjoy it, and the rest of the Friday night group decided they still want to play. I could understand why Kathy might want to stop gaming altogether, but I'm glad that she still wants to play. Needless to say, I'll support whatever she wants to do, regardless.

Today, the Sunday gaming group will playtest one of the two Primeval scenarios that I'll be running at CanGames, but as usual it's going to be tough to do with just the two players. Still, that gives me the chance to focus on certain game elements of the scenario, as well as see how the two of them handle the four hours allotted to the scenario.

It'll be nice, of course, to play simply because it will distract me from other things.
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