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Talk of Sunday

Spent a pretty decent Sunday, running another playtest of one of the games that I'll be running at CanGames in May, this time one of the two Desolation scenarios.

spross and Tammy did their heroic best, playing six characters between them, and the game seemed to work pretty well. Timing of convention scenarios is everything, and while I think the time frame of the adventure works well, will need to one or two more run-throughs of this adventure before I'm happy with it. (The Friday gaming group may get back together again in the next three weeks or so, so perhaps I'll be able to gauge things better with that, seeing as there are five or six players for that.) Tammy and spross both enjoyed the scenario, liked the plot twists that are so common in Desolation, and found themselves quite engrossed in the plot.

The plan for next Sunday is to playtest one of the Primeval rpg scenarios again, assuming that knightbane and some of his crew manage to come up from Smith Falls. (There have been plans afoot for this several weeks in the last month or so, but things have fallen apart as noted in earlier blog entries.) I'm rather looking forward to running this game at CanGames, and will also be running some Primeval RPG goodness at GenCon Indy this year as well (assuming the games made it onto the schedule), but the playtesting of the Primeval scenarios needs a bit more work as per usual.

Spent Sunday evening relaxing, doing a bit of reading (I finished off another of the Charles Sheffield novels I'm working through), and watching some stuff on History TV. Caught up on Twitter (it celebrates its fifth birthday today), made a few notes about the playtest of the Desolation game, and then crashed for the night.
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