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Morning Meeting

Had a meeting this morning at work at 9:15 am, with my boss and a couple of his superiors, that ended close to 9:55.

I was quite nervous about the meeting, as no one seemed to know what it was about and why it had been called. The weird thing was that I found out about the meeting this morning when I got in to work in a memo that was left for me on my computer. Electronic memos, hate 'em. But at least it didn't start "Dear John," or some such. Turned out that most of the other attendees found out in memos this morning as well, so I was in good company (I think).

The meeting lasted close to 45 minutes, and to be honest I was expecting the worst. Turned out the meeting was to inform us that there was going to be a new set of language software introduced on the job over the next month or so, and that our computers were going to be re-configured for it, and that in the meantime, we were all being issued temporary (older) computers to continue our work while the upgrade to our systems was done.

This doesn't affect me all that much, since I have just finished a translation job, but to be honest, my boss wasn't happy about this for a variety of reasons that I won't go into. Anyway, came out of the meeting looking relieved, and when Donna asked me what had happened I gave her the basics. She laughed, and then pointed at my desk. They've already replaced the current computer with the older one...about five years older. Ah, well.
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