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End of the (Work) Week

Got home from work a while ago, and have just been chilling out and relaxing over some hot chai tea.

The work day was long, and very intense, and when I think about it, the work week has been pretty much the same. It has truly felt like a long week.

Yes, I've heard that the government of Canada has fallen to a "no confidence" vote (not surprising really), and there will be a Federal election within the next few months. The fourth election in Canada in seven years. *sigh* I have no intention of saying anything else about the political situation up here in Canada right now, but just know that I will be going to vote in the Federal election when the time comes.

In the meantime, the Friday night gaming group will not be meeting tonight, but my goddaughter will be dropped off here by her mom and aunt within the next half hour or so, and I will spend the evening and the morning with her. I'm looking forward to spending the evening with her, and we'll watch the final two episodes of Expedition Africa this evening, and see what the rest of the evening has. Probably end up reading something to her before she goes to bed.

Good start to a good weekend, even if it's for all the wrong and sad reasons.
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