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Weekend Recap, Part I

Yeah, I know, haven't blogged since last Friday.

Been a busy time for me, and to be honest, have been feeling a bit under the weather.

Have had my goddaughter, Ellie, stay over at the house with me several times in the last few days. While she plum tuckers me out at times, I'm glad to have her around and am doing my best to help out KathyB with stuff as well.

Friday was April Fool's Day of course, and work was somewhat trying, to say the least. While the jokes and pranks in the morning were all fine and dandy, and I only got fooled a couple of times (some translation stuff in reverse, and a few exploding water balloons with non-watery treats inside), the afternoon hours after lunch consisted of some of the oldest gimmicks around - gluing objects to tables and floors and the like. Just annoying, even if some of my co-workers got their jollies that way. After work, I headed home and stopped off at the grocery store for some foodstuffs and veggies.

Spent Friday evening relaxing and watching some stuff on DVD. I finally picked up the various Walking with Dinosaurs, Walking with Prehistoric Beasts, and Walking with Allosaurus DVDs, and finished watching the last of these during the evening. Lovely stuff. Caught the first episode of the new Chaos tv series, featuring James Murray (ex of Primeval as one of the characters in the series. It was really funny watching James, an English dude, doing a Scottish accent that was all over the place for most of the episode, although he does an impressive Sean Connery imitation, I must say. I rather enjoyed the episode, thought that it had the right combination of serious and humour for what it was, and have decided to tape the series (once the Friday gaming group gets back into operation).

Saturday was a pretty good day, for the most part. Started things off after breakfast with a good workout on the elliptical, managing 35 minutes on the infernal device elliptical at a constant speed of 3.5 miles per hour. Made JohnK a very sore boy. I had spoken to spross during the week about game systems, as I had decided over the course of the week that I want to get back into the Space: 1889</i> roleplaying game at some point in the near future. Since spross is storing all my Space: 1889 stuff at his place, I had hoped that he would drop by with all the material, but I guess we'd not arranged anything and he didn't drop by at all. Good thing, I suppose, since he's down with a nasty bronchial bug of some sort, though he is much better than he was early in the week.

After he didn't show up, I realised that I needed to go out and take a walk and do some more grocery shopping. This plan got de-railed when KathyB showed up with Ellie, and asked if I could manage to look after Ellie for the rest of the night. I wasn't about to say "no", so Ellie stayed with me on Saturday from about 3:30 pm on, with Kathy arranging with me to pick her up around 10:00 Sunday morning. In some ways, it was a good thing that spross hadn't shown up and all. Took Ellie out and did a quick round of shopping for some more foodstuffs for the week, and then went back to the house. After a good supper with my goddaughter, I settled down to watch the Ottawa Senators hockey game against the Toronto Maple Leafs (Ottawa lost the game 4-2), and Ellie went down to play on the computer. It turned out that she got distracted, finding my copy of Isaac Asimov's Foundation, and she read that. She told me that she'd wanted to read it for a couple of years, but that her dad's copy was buried in some trunk at the house.

After the hockey game, I sat around with Ellie, and she talked to me about all manner of stuff. It was a good evening, and came to a quiet end and all. The rest of the weekend report will follow in the next entry.
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