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Weekend Recap, Part II

Sunday morning dawned bright and early, as Ellie was up around 7:45 am, and I got up. I knew it was going to be a difficult day, as I had slept on the couch, and I hadn't slept all that well, and my back was aching something fierce. The things we do for those we care about. *sigh*

Made breakfast and got Ellie all cleaned up before I went and showered, while she went back to reading Herr Asimov's Foundation. One minor mishap occurred as well, as Ellie accidentally stepped on my right foot (my driving foot), but the pain wasn't too bad, although I've got a bit of a limp as the pain is somewhat more intense in the toes. Nothing broken, thank Goddes, but my feet are sore. After Ellie was picked up by her mom, who was grateful for my taking her on such short notice, I decided to go back in the bath and soak my back, which was really hurting from the night on the couch again. Had a busy day ahead of me, as I was playtesting another of the scenarios for CanGames, 2011 that afternoon with the Sunday group, and figured the soak would help.

It did. After I managed to eat lunch while re-reading the adventure that I was going to playtest, spross and Tammy arrived. I had hoped my friend knightbane from Smith Falls would be up to help out with the playtesting, but such was not to be. The playtest of the Desolation scenario, "Any Port in a Storm", went pretty well. Well, as good as it could be when you're playtesting with only two players. The scenario is a bit more complicated to run, especially the combat sequences, than I had anticipated, but both players felt the scenario is a really good one with some nice plot twists and turns, so it was good to see it work out. Just need a few more playtesters on Sunday in order to make it better. When the Friday gaming group gets back to operation, assuming it's not too late, I plan to playtest the scenario on them as well. spross was still pretty ill when we gamed, so I hope he hasn't given me the bug he's got. I really don't need that on top of everything else. ::knock on wood::

After the Sunday gamers left, my mom showed up, reminding me that I had promised to make supper for the two of us on Sunday night. While I was caught a bit unprepared, and was tired after gaming, I took two steaks out of the freezer, and made a salad and some pasta with a bit of homemade sauce for supper. It was a pretty good meal. After mom left, I was still feeling a bit tired and stressed, and so discovered that many of life's little problems can be temporarily forgotten with some low fat frozen fudge on a stick. Delish!

I settled down after mom left, and read for a bit, until 10:00 pm. The second episode of Dana Delany's new series, Body of Proof aired on Sunday night, and the series is really good so far. Dana Delany is playing a really likeable character in the series, and the supporting cast around her is developing quite nicely. The series reminds me of Crossing Jordan, but obviously has a different feel to it as well. Wrapped up Sunday evening quite nicely, and I was pretty tired and exhausted by both the lack of a decent night's sleep and the day's events.

Monday was a pretty good day. Started off the day with croissant and café au lait for breakfast. Always makes me feel better, especially given that I woke up to rain, snow, then sleet, and cold, damp weather. Didn't help my back or my toe any. Work was absolutely hectic, but a relief from the shennanigans of April Fool's Day. Got home from work and just relaxed with a heating pad and a bit of mushroom soup, and then got ready for supper. I had a salmon steak, salad, and scalloped potatoes for supper, and then settled in to watch an evening of Dancing with the Stars and Castle, while remembering to make a tape of The Event which aired in the slot as the second half of DwtS. Good relaxing night of television, and went to bed to read for a bit and then slept like a log.

Can't say that I feel all that well this week, but between the strange weather we're having, the foot stomp, and a couple of other minor things, I guess I'm doing as well as can be expected.
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