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My Weekend Report

The weekend was pretty much a relaxing time for me.

On Friday night, I went to see the Museum of Civilization IMAX presentation of Born to Be Wild 3D with my goddaughter and her mother, as noted in my journal, and you can read my review of the film by following the link. Came home from that, and watched the second episode of the new Chaos tv series which I had taped. While I like the series, the ratings on the show have not been good, partially because of the Friday night time slot it's in, but we'll see what happens with the show.

Saturday, I spent watching the final Ottawa Senators NHL game of the season against the Boston Bruins (they lost, not surprisingly), picking through the Space: 1889 rpg stuff that spross dropped off with me, going out to eat French fries at a chip wagon (sadly, not all chip wagons serve great fries, and the prices are getting ridiculous), watched the highly acclaimed Riese web/tv series (the two hours consisted of the webisodes in a movie-style format). The story was intriguing enough in some ways, the acting was a bit too over-the-top for my tastes, but I may watch the first actual tv series when and if it airs on Space, and see where it goes. I also spent as much time as I could making quick changes and writing additional sections for my home-grown Primeval RPG scenario that has been giving me headaches since I first started with it.

Woke up too early on Sunday morning, after what seemed like very little sleep, and got ready for the day. I almost lost track of time working on the Primeval RPG scenario, and had to take a quick shower (less enjoyable than I would have liked) before getting ready to game with the Sunday gamers. More on the Sunday game in a separate post.

When we finished gaming, my mother showed up just as Tammy and SteveR were leaving, since we always try and have dinner together on Sunday evenings. I made a good, solid meal of pasta and meat sauce, with a side salad, and that was pretty good. After mom left for home, I sat back and relaxed with a Doctor Who DVD, "The Chase", and enjoyed the heck out of that one again. Went to bed and did some light reading, as I had just finished Adam Roberts' novel The Land of the Headless (really good book, but quite bizarre in some ways) and wasn't sure what I wanted to read next.

So overall, a pretty good weekend.
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