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Sunday Gaming Report

As noted in the previous post, I ran another playtest session of my Primeval RPG homemade scenario that I'll be running at CanGames, 2011 in May.

I woke up too early on Sunday morning, after what seemed like very little sleep, and got ready for the day. I almost lost track of time working on the Primeval RPG scenario in the mid- to late morning, and had to take a quick shower (less enjoyable than I would have liked) before getting ready to game with the Sunday gamers. Unfortunately, I learned on Saturday that knightbane wasn't able to make it up for the game again, so spross and Tammy had to forge ahead on their own. To me, the scenario was still something of a shambles, with what I expected to be a helter-skelter game, but I was totally surprised by the fact that the scenario held up pretty well, with one or two glitches here and there, and one sequence that went a bit too long as far as I was concerned.

One of the things that I really like about the Primeval RPG is that it has a cooperative angle and feel that hasn't been present in many of the rpgs out there that I've seen, both in terms of the player characters working together, and the players actually communicating stuff in character about what's going on. The scenario that I've written, "Peril Beneath the Streets", calls for a good deal of cooperation, especially in light of the fact that the player characters have no idea what kind of creature(s) they're going up against until they actually have to deal with it/them. Needless to say, Tammy and spross were seriously concerned and de-moralised when they realised what they were dealing with down in the London Underground. One of the major combat scenes went a bit too long for my taste, partially because with only two players playing six characters, it slows down a bit. With a bit of Egyptian myth thrown in for good mix, some surprises and plot twists about what was going on, and several other elements that focus on the player characters themselves, the scenario worked really well, and both Tammy and spross were surprised the scenario didn't feel all that rough and raw around the edges. (Perhaps one or both of them will Comment on this.) Sure, there's stuff that I need to flesh out a bit, restructure somewhat, and generally modify slightly, but the scenario is really shaping up much better than I expected it to. There's even a glimmer of what's to come in the sort-of sequel to the adventure for next year. With luck, I'll be playtesting it again this coming Sunday, hopefully with a few extra playtesters, but that remains to be seen. knightbane, you listening? :)

I just have to hope that some folks actually sign up to play in "Peril Beneath the Streets" at CanGames this year. It would be a shameful waste not to get to run this during the convention this year.

Meanwhile, in good news, there's a chance that the Friday night gaming group will meet this week for the first time since SteveB's death. Not sure on this yet, but will let folks know.
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