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A Trio of Dino News Stories

Some decent news and stories in the world of paleontology today.

First up, Bill Parker's Chinleana blog has the somewhat serious Laws of Fieldwork up today:

Laws of Fieldwork

First compiled by Sterling Nesbitt, Randy Irmis, Michelle Stocker, and Bill Parker while working at the Petrified Forest National Park, these are a work in progress and offer some humour as well. Lovely stuff.

The second story of the day comes from the Isle of Wight...

Isle of Wight Rock Yields Three Fossil Footprints, Version 1

Isle of Wight Rock Yields Three Fossil Footprints, Version 2

This is a very good, quite remarkable find in its own way, and provides tantalising evidence of the existence of animals for which paleontologists the merest scraps of bones. What will come of this remains to be seen.

Finally, the third story of the day has to do with building a dinosaur den...

How to Build a Dinosaur Den

What's interesting here is that Oryctodromeus isn’t exactly a household name. It was most often the sort of dinosaur that was depicted as being prey for the large charismatic carnivores of the Late Cretaceous, However, there was at least one aspect of Oryctodromeus that made it particularly interesting — this dinosaur may have lived in burrows. This particular bit of research and study that's been done has some interesting possibilities and definitely applications for gaming and fiction.
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