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Dinosaur Sex

Yes, here's one of the subjects pertaining to dinosaurs that one doesn't see all that often, and yet there has to be a bit of curiosity about the subject of dinosaur sex, mustn't there be?

First, there's Brian Switek's insightful piece from the Smithsonian On-Line Magazine:

Everything You Wanted to Know About Dinosaur Sex

This piece has some wonderful stuff in it, good scientific premises, and raises some interesting questions about the subject. It also demonstrates how much we know - and don't know - about dinosaurs and their sexual means, but goes to show that one can take things seriously on the subject. I actually learned quite a bit of interesting stuff that I didn't know from this article.

Then we have Brian Palmer's The Explainer piece on the same subject.

How Did Dinosaurs Have Sex?

Not so much serious, but definitely providing a slightly different view of the subject. Still, both pieces are insightful in their own ways, and make for interesting, educational, and at times humourous reading.
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