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Friday Night Gaming Resumes

Came home from work today to find a phone message on my answering machine.

The message was from Kathy, who has been in touch with the rest of my Friday night gaming group, and the news is that we are gaming this evening! This will be the first time that we've gamed together since the death of SteveB. I am so glad that we're going to game, and to be honest, I was afraid that the Friday gaming group was finished or at least going on a very long hiatus. That said, I know that this is going to be difficult for Kathy, but I think that it will be an enjoyable evening, where she can just put aside her on-going stuff and concentrate on something else. For me, the memories of SteveB as a gamer will definitely be present tonight. Kathy mentioned that she was also looking forward to getting into a game of Blue Planet again, and that she was looking forward to playing Desolation again as well.

This couldn't come at a better time for me, as I need all the help I can get at the moment playtesting the two scenarios of the Primeval Roleplaying Game that I've got for CanGames, 2011.

Anyway, will be eating an early supper (remembering to take my antibiotic!) and then heading out to the West End to play at Kathy's place. Expect to be home very late this evening.
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