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Hectic Monday

Oy vey! That was a long day at work.

I know that Monday mornings are either hectic or extremely slow at work, but today was ridiculous. Without going into details, since I can't because of the nature of some of the work that I do, today was one of those Mondays when the paperwork not only piles up on your desk, but the translation job that one is working on gives you more headaches and tsuris than you can shake a cat at.

That said, the hectic day at work was not helped by the fact that I'm still having to deal with the side effects of the antibiotic I'm taking for what may or may not be a bacterial infection in my right big toe. And the fact that I had a terrible night's sleep last night once more, plagued by nightmares of big toes and stuff related to this foot problem I have that my subconscious obviously doesn't want to let go.

Ah, well, tonight's Monday I have Pesach seder to look forward to. Am taping The Event tonight, and will thus have to forego Dancing With the Stars for the evening.
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