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Diabetes Report

Yesterday was a long day, somewhat filled with pain, and a desire to get some rest afterwards.

I had my regular check-up appointment at the Diabetes Clinic here in Ottawa, but wasn't looking forward to it, since I was also scheduled to undergo a liver biopsy a couple of hours after I arrived at the clinic. My doctor there had arranged for it after the last couple of blood tests had come back, and she was concerned about a few things.

From the diabetes point of view, the doctor was quite pleased for the most part, although since my a1C went up by 0.02 and my cholesterol was still a bit higher than we would like, she told me that we needed to change things up. She put me on an extra 250 mg of Metformin (my favourite drug, not!), raising the dosage to 500 mg twice a day, and changed me back from the Lipidil EZ to the Lipidil Supra again. Other than that, not bad. I need to get back to a diet and exercise regimen, so I knew what was coming at the appointment with the diabetes specialist, and to be honest, it's been my bad the past four months or so.

The biopsy was not the first one that I've had, so the pain was expected and all. I managed to get home, and took some medication and then crashed for a few hours. So all was not too bad. Didn't go on the computer yesterday at all, and didn't really try to do much.

I'm feeling somewhat better today, still feeling somewhat grumpy from the pain, and it is Hades hot outside already, going up to 310C, with a very high humidex, but I plan to take it relatively easy again today, if possible.

In the meantime, got a few things to do on the computer, and my morning tea awaits.
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