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A Busy, Quiet Saturday

Shaping up to be a lovely morning in the Ottawa valley, not too warm and with a modest amount of sunshine.

Nothing exciting has happened so far this weekend, other than Friday night's gaming session, which I've already blogged about in this journal entry. Spent part of yesterday going through Space: 1889 game material for the purpose of sorting and trying to put it all into some semblance of order. spross was a terrific help with this, and we discovered that I'm missing print-outs of two of the Challenge Magazine articles, but he'll be printing those out for me (since he's got the CD with the complete set of Challenge Magazine material on it).

Went out during the afternoon, and picked up some white chocolate and almond bark. Didn't buy too much, and when I got home, I broke it up into pieces, and secreted them in the fridge.

Watched "The Impossible Astronaut", the premiere of the new series of Doctor Who, last night. Not going to give any spoilers and so forth, but I thought it was a pretty good episode, a bit too melodramatic at times, but the new villains/monsters were *terrific*, and one of the truly horrifying creatures the series has ever had. They did remind me of stuff out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a couple of other places, but otherwise they were great. Looking forward to seeing the second part of the story. I still prefer the Classic Who in a lot of way, though, but am enjoying the ride that the current showrunner, Steven Moffat, is taking us on.

And that pretty much covers Saturday. :)
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