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No Game Today, Sort of

As noted elsewhere today in my blog, this is Easter Sunday.

Since I'm not one who celebrates Easter and all that it means and brings, I'll be able to just take it easy and relax today for the most part.

There's no gaming scheduled for this weekend, as I'll be running the final playtest session of one of my Primeval RPG scenarios for CanGames this year next weekend. (knightbane has promised me that he will be here for the game on May 1st, come hell or high water, so I've postponed it until next weekend.) In the meantime, I have a new player joining the Sunday gaming group, and so he's coming out this afternoon to create his character for the Desolation campaign that I'll be getting back to the week after I finish playing stuff.

Douglas, the new fellow, isn't actually new to me. He played for a short period in the Sunday game back in the dim past (dim to me, since I can't remember when he played!), and has been a regular player at some of my games at CanGames over the last few years. Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with as a character for the campaign game, as it's not the same as when one plays at convention and demo games.

In the meantime, time to take a shower and then figure out what to do for supper tonight. Lunch is taking care of itself. :)
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