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Self-Taught Fossil Hunter Dies

Sad news in the fields of archaeology and palaeontology today.

Harley Garbani Dies at Age 88

Garbani was a self-taught fossil hunter, a one-time plumber who discovered some of the most significant dinosaur fossils, who died on Thursday at the age of 88. “He didn’t have any academic training in the field, and he didn’t do any research,” said Luis Chiappe, director of the Natural History Museum’s Dinosaur Institute. “He was primarily a field person, and he made some truly unique discoveries.” Those finds include the partial skulls of the youngest-known Tyrannosaurus Rex and the youngest-known Triceratops, two iconic dinosaurs, which will be on display in the museum’s new Dinosaur Hall when it opens July 16.

Harley Garbani's life story is a lesson to us all that one can accomplish many strange things in life if one puts one's mind to it. And it's quite the tale of a man who discovered a passion at 9 years of age, and just went with it. Sad loss to the fields, both of them.
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