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Newbie Character Creation

As promised in an earlier journal entry today, I said I would discuss the Sunday gaming thing from yesterday.

Given that it was Easter Sunday, the gaming group decided not to play for a variety of reasons, the decision to not do so made even simpler by the fact that Tammy couldn't make it out due to some work related stuff. Since I had a new recruit for the Sunday gaming group, I had arranged for the new player to come out to create a character for the Desolation Sunday game campaign. And since spross is on his second character for the game already, I figured it would be a smart move to get him out as well and have him create a third player character...just in case.

The day started off rather nicely, and I was sad to see how pleasant the weather was outside, since I'd be spending the afternoon indoors. spross arrived around 12:30 pm with a couple of sandwiches from Subway for our lunch, and we tucked in as the new player, Douglas McMillan, was arriving. He brought lunch with him as well, and so we tucked in, and we got re-acquainted while we ate.

After lunch, I went through the basics with Douglas, as he was new to the campaign and I wanted him to understand the Desolation system and game world properly. He had played before with us, but had only played Desolation with me at CanGames in the past, and as most roleplaying gamers know, campaign games are not the same as convention games. The most important element is that one does not create a campaign character necessarily the same way as one does a player character for a convention scenario or two. In any event, Douglas and spross spent the majority of the afternoon creating their characters, though I admit to spending more time working with Douglas on his character, since he needed a bit more advice on the character and help getting the character together than spross did. In the end, Douglas created a human Warlander who had an interesting backstory relating to the Night of Fire, that I won't talk about here, and will let it emerge in the game session reports that I post here when he starts to play. spross's character is a tinker-cum-merchant, but hopefully spross won't need to bring him into the game for some time yet to come.

Douglas had also expressed a bit of interest when we talked about the Primeval roleplaying game, so I took him and spross through an example of what is likely to be the final version of character generation for the game system. Douglas had played last CanGames in my Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space game, so had a basic familiarity with the system, but it's very different in flavour and feel from Primeval. Their two sample characters were quite interesting, and did the system good service.

By the time they finished the characters off for that, it was close to 5:30 pm, so the two of them headed home. I counted the Easter Sunday afternoon gaming excursion a success. Hopefully both spross and Douglas found it a positive experience as well.
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