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Garage Redux

Well, there's an interesting climax, sort of, to the story with the car.

Got home from work this afternoon to learn that the garage had called me. Called them back to find out that they found the tires, but that they weren't useable for some reason. That said, they were putting a new set of tires on the car even as we spoke, and that they weren't going to charge me for the tires. In addition, because of the hassles that this whole car servicing and tire change had caused, they were only billing me $50 total for the servicing of the car.

So I drove the rental, bad leg and all, back to Enterprise, got a lift from Enterprise back to the car dealer, and picked up the Sebring. Got the car home and all, and discovered...the power window on the driver's side doesn't open more than two inches. *sigh* Just called the garage, and will be taking the car in to have that looked at early next week. Just seems to never end, huh?
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