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A Busy Day

Today is going to be a busy day.

Aside from work here at the office today, I've got a doctor's appointment this afternoon for 2:00 pm. The appointment is to check out my toes and see how the infection/fungus/whatever is doing, well preferably not doing. However, while I'm at it, I'll get him to see what he thinks I've done to my right leg (the driving leg, naturally) and the tendons and pain that I've got there since the last couple of days fiasco with the car servicing and tires replacement.

Then I've got to crack the whip, and get the final rough of the Primeval scenario that I've written for CanGames 2011 wrapped up so that the final playtests can be done on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Once that scenario is done with, I've got some stuff to work on for my Desolation rpg campaign, and then it's on to a couple of projects that I can't really discuss at this time.

Things are looking good at the moment, other than the cloudy, humid, rainy weather.
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