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Ubuntu Upgrade and Woes

Well, the weekend was certainly interesting, but not in a way that I was hoping for.

I'll talk about the gaming sessions of the Primeval playtest run that I did on the weekend in a separate post, but other things happened this weekend that I'm not pleased about.

Saturday night, I was informed by my computer that there was an upgrade of my home computer operating system to Ubuntu v11.04. I was looking forward to the next upgrade, simply because my current version of Ubuntu (v10.something) has been a bit wonky and all that, and I was hoping it would solve some of the computer glitches and stuff that I seem to have had.

That said, I'm always trepidatious about installing new operating software for this flavour of Linux, since even though Ubuntu is very good and quite friendly, it has a habit of changing its user interface quite a bit over the various incarnations I've experienced with it. The upgrade installation of Ubuntu v11.04 went pretty smoothly, though it took over two hours to accomplish on my computer, and then I got the shock of my life.

Check out this page for the new look to the Ubuntu interface, and see what I'm talking about.

And then the problems started. Right off the bat, I can't seem to manipulate the new Launcher all that well. I'm still getting the hang of it, but am hoping that some of the glitches with it work themselves out over the next week or so. Now, it's certainly not as bad as spross made it out to seem in this journal entry, but it's always a matter of adapting to the new versions of Ubuntu.

I discovered that this system doesn't have OpenOffice any longer, but something called LibreOffice. I'm not sure whether it's OpenOffice with a new name or what, but it doesn't seem to run as fast on my computer as OpenOffice used to. Seems to have the same functionality of OpenOffice at least, so I hope it's compatible with my need to do editing and writing for game companies and the like with compatibility across the word processor platforms.

The biggest annoyance I discovered, however, is that I don't have a copy of Adobe Reader on the system to work with PDF files. I figured it would be easy to just install a copy of Adobe Reader using the Software Centre and the like, but it hasn't turned out that way. For some reason, while it says I can install the piece of software, doing so gets me nothing, so I've not figured out a way of handling this.

So if any of the folks I know here on LiveJournal can give me an idea of how to get and install an Adobe Reader of some sort, please give me a hand by dropping me a line here in my Comments.

Other than that, the version of Firefox that the new Ubuntu installed, version 4.01 for Linux/Ubuntu, seems to work fine and is quite fast, but it's missing the Bookmark Menu item for actually managing one's bookmarks. Have no idea how I'm going to handle this, but perhaps the Firefox update when I get one will take care of this problem.

Like I said earlier in the post, just a matter of getting used to the new interface and all, and sorting out some of the glitches. In the meantime, on to other things.
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